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  1. FreedomView LED Videoscope

    FreedomView LED Videoscope


    Joystick operated, portable, handheld videoscope with a transflective touchscreen display. Perfect for Industrial and law enforcement applications that require a rugged instrument that has an intuitive design and easy to use controls. Made in the USA!

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  2. DCS500 Video Borescope with Hi Resolution 5" LCD

    DCS500 Hi Resolution Video Borescope With Wireless 5" LCD

    High resolution images displayed on large wireless 5" LCD display. Record video, still images and voice annotation. 4X zoom capability. Durable 9mm probe with powerful LED light output. Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery included. Learn More
  3. DCS800 video borescope with high resolution VGA imagae

    DCS800 VGA Recording Video Borescope

    Affordable high resolution recording hand held video borescope. Compact and rugged borescope design is perfect for tough industrial environments. Accepts a variety of interchangeable VGA video borescope probes to fit a variety of applications. Learn More
  4. Viper DCS1700 High Resolution VGA Borescope

    DCS1700 High-Res VGA Borescope


    The VIPER 1700 is a rugged, lightweight, high-performance and high resolution VGA recording borescope system. Perfect for recording high-quality video and images of your most critical inspections in the most extreme industrial environments.

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  5. iRis DVR X Video Borescope

    iRis DVR X Video Borescope

    Hand held videoscope with video & image recording, text, 4-Way articulation, large 5" LCD, rechargeable 6-hour battery and comparison measurement. Available in 4 & 6mm diameters. Lengths from 1.5 to 7.5m. Perfect for a variety of industrial and aerospace related video borescope inspections. Learn More
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